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Motorcycle Cover  

motorcycle cover

$195 US
Plus $45 shipping anywhere in the Contiguous US states and Canada. For shipping rates to Hawaii, Alaska and APO Addresses please click here.

Motorcycle Cover Sale
The floor is an accessory. To learn more about the floor please click here>>

Affordable motorcycle cover

New from the manufacturers of
The Bike Barn - The new Motoshell motorcycle cover

For nearly 20 years PTI Products the manufacturer of the original non-contact motorcycle cover The Bike Barn enclosed motorcycle storage has set the standard for the best quality motorcycle cover that money can buy.

The Bike Barn's uncompromising commitment to quality, and industry leading "Lifetime Warranty" set the standard that no other manufacturer
has been able to emulate. However
The Bike Barn motorcycle shelter comes at a premium price that reflects the superior materials used and the manufacturing which has 100% North American content.

For high end consumers and commercial customers The Bike Barn motorcycle cover with its "Lifetime Warranty" is the only answer for protection of there most treasured possession. However, many customers lamented that they loved the concept, but could not justify the price.

The Motoshell motorcycle storage solution has been created by PTI Products in an attempt to offer a more cost effective solution to those customers who have the same needs as other motorcycle enthusiast and embrace the concept of a non-contact motorcycle cover.

Designed by and manufactured for
PTI Products the Motoshell motorcycle cover contains the same features of The Bike Barn and carries a six month warranty.

Inspected and packaged in our North American facility. The Motoshell portable outdoor bike cover is built for the discriminating motorcycle owner who needs a more cost effective solution to their motorcycle storage problem.


Motoshell non-contact
motorcycle cover features

> Fits all standard sport and road bikes up to 96" long
> Easy to set up and operate
> Non-contact - put your bike away
when the pipe is hot
> Motoshell portable non-contact shelter will not scratch or rub the surface of the bike
> Out of sight out of mind
> Ventilated
> Motoshell bike seat cover will last for several years no need to replace each year like regular covers
> 6 month warranty
> Your order ships in 48 hours

Motoshell Motorcycle Cover Floor
The Motoshell motorcycle floor is a great accessory for your Motoshell non-contact motorcycle cover. Please
learn more about The Motoshell Floor here>>

Motoshell Motorcycle Cover




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